Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the name on the lobby directory?
Send a memo or fax on company letterhead, signed by an authorized person, to the building management office stating the need for a change in the lobby directory with the exact spelling and layout of how the name should be listed. Please contact the building management office at 589-4280 for pricing.

Where are the public telephones, restrooms, and ATM's?
There are no longer any public telephones in the building. There are public restrooms located on the Lower Level down the hallway to the right of Cravings. There are two National City Tower ATM's in the building. One is located in the Main lobby next to the Main Street entrance, the second is located within the Main branch of National City Bank on the First floor.

How do I report a medical emergency?
For medical emergencies, FIRST, call 911 and give them your floor, location, and nature of the emergency. Then, call the building management office at 589-4280, so that we may have an elevator waiting for the ambulance/EMT's when they arrive.

What do I do if someone is soliciting in the building?
Contact the building management office and/or security at 589-4280, as soon as possible, with a description of the person, their last location, and where you believe that they may be heading (down the elevator, down the hallway to another tenant, etc.). Building security will explain the no-solicitation policy to the person and escort them from the building.

Can I get an escort to my car?
If your car is located in the National City Tower parking garage, stop by the security desk in the main lobby and one of the security guards will be happy to escort you to your vehicle. Unfortunately, if your vehicle is located in another garage, our security guards are prohibited from leaving the property and are unable to escort you to your car. We do recommend, however, that if you know that you will be working in the building after dark, that you move your car from your offsite parking garage to one of the metered spaces along Fifth Street or Main Street while it is still light out. Then when you get ready to leave for the evening, one of the security guards will escort you to your vehicle

Where is the after hours access list?
The after-hours access list is maintained by building security at the lobby console and a copy is also kept in the building management office. If you need to make changes to your access list, it must be done in writing on company letterhead and signed by an authorized person in your firm.

How do I get in the building "after-hours"?
The building is open twenty-four hours, seven days a week. However, after 6pm until 7am weekdays, and on the weekends, the elevator access is limited. You must have a building ID or be on your company's after hours access list to access the elevators. If you don't have a building ID, you can use a photo ID, if you are listed on the after-hours access listing. You must also "sign-in" and "sign-out" at the lobby console.

Who do I report an elevator problem to?
Report any elevator problems to the building management office. Please try and get the elevator number, located on the right side of the elevator cab, above the push buttons, so that when you report the problem, we will be able to identify the problem quicker.

Who do I call to report a problem after 5pm?
Call the building management office at 589-4280. Our phone is answered 24-hours a day, including weekends and holidays.

What is the postal phone number and hour(s) of pick up?
The mail is handled by the 7th street post office location 502-454-1837. Mail chutes are located on the east side of the building on most floors. Final pick-up from the basement is 5pm.

Where can I get postal stamps?
Postage stamps are for sale at the security console in the main lobby, from 8am until 4pm Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

What are the bank hours?
National City Bank's main branch regular (non-holiday) hours are 9am - 5pm Monday through Thursday and 9am - 6pm on Friday. For holiday hours or the hours of other branches, please call the bank at 581-4200.

What size truck can fit in the loading dock?
The entrance to the loading dock is located off of Fourth Street and has a height restriction of 13'2"and no semi-trucks, single axle trucks only. Please contact  the building management office at 589-4280 before scheduling any dock deliveries.

What are the parking garage height restrictions?
The parking garage has a height limit of 6'8".

How do I become a monthly parker?
Contact the garage manager at 589-4280 to check on the availability of spaces.

What are the hourly parking rates?
The current hourly parking rate is $1.00 per half hour up to 3 hours. After three hours, the daily rate of $12 applies.

Where can I purchase validation stickers for the garage?
Validation stickers are available for tenants wishing to pay for their clients parking in the building's parking garage. Contact the garage manager at 589-4280 to get rates and information on the program.

How do I get my car washed?
You can sign-up for a car wash in the lobby at the security console or by calling the security desk at 589-4280. Cars are washed on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday each week.  During the winter months, check with the security desk to see if the temperature is warm enough to wash cars that day.

What are the standard building heating and cooling hours?
Typically, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are provided at no additional cost from 8am - 6pm Monday through Friday and from 8am - 12 noon on Saturday, excluding holidays. After hours heating, ventilation and air conditioning are available at an additional cost, please contact Melanie Miller Doyon in the building management office for current rates.

How do I get elevator access for furniture being delivered?
Please contact Ron Fisher in the building management office for available times and loading dock access.

When is recycling pick up?
Recycling pick-up varies daily on each floor, for specific days, please contact the housekeeping department at 589-4280.

Can I borrow a hammer, ladder, etc. from building maintenance?
Due to insurance restrictions, we do not loan out our tools, however, we would be happy to send one of the members of our building maintenance staff to assist you. Please contact building management at 589-4280 or via the website (work orders) with your maintenance request and current labor rates.

How do I get a light changed?
Please contact building management at 589-4280 or via the website (work orders) with your maintenance request and current labor rates.

Is it okay to take my cart or dolly on a regular passenger elevator?
Carts and dollies are restricted to the building service elevators.

Who do I contact for improvements/alterations to my Suite?
Please contact Ron Fisher or Carla Cates in the building management office.

Can I bring my pet to work?
Pets are not allowed in the National City Tower. Seeing eye dogs are the only exception.

Where can I smoke in the building?
Most of us  today are aware of the health risks of smoking, not only to smokers, but to those who are exposed to secondhand smoke.  Therefore, effective July 1, 2004, National City Tower is a smoke-free building.  Smoking is not permitted in the Main building lobby and public space; the stairwells and hallways; the annex hallway; common areas including restrooms, elevators, and elevator lobbies; the basement area including storage areas and the loading dock; food service areas and dining areas; the parking garage and its stairwells, lobbies, and elevator; and within 30 feet around all entrances to the building, garage and annex. 

Who do I contact for Dry cleaning service?
Dry cleaning bags can be picked up in the building management office. Dry cleaning can be dropped off in the lower level near the service elevators. Please contact Sam Meyers for additional information at 459-4885.

Where are UPS, FED-EX boxes and mail drops located?
UPS and Federal Express drop boxes are located in the lower level next to the service elevators. Please check each individual box for current pick-up times and rates.

Where is the bike rack located?
There is a bike rack sculpture located on the North Plaza (Main Street) that is available.

What events are coming up in the lobby?
Please check the building events calendar or contact the building management office at 589-4280.